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External payments problems of a debtor c   External payments problems of a debtor c... - Document (32 M)
Author Casey, William L.
Title External payments problems of a debtor country : the case of Brazil, 1948-1963
Date created 1967
Abstract The purpose of this dissertation is to analyze the balance-of-payments problems of a particular debtor country by focusing on the effects of rapid external debt accumulation and of expanding debt servicing obligations on external balance. Brazil from 1948 to 1963 Is a logical choice for a study of this type since severe debt servicing problems were experienced throughout this period, particularly between 1955 and 1963. The Intention is not to portray Brazil as a typical debtor country since its problems were more intense and more immediate than related problems in most other debtor countries in the process of development.
Use Restrictions I hereby allow Boston College to include and preserve my dissertation/thesis in electronic form in the Boston College Institutional Repository, which shall include the right to publicly post my dissertation/thesis on the World Wide Web. I will retain copyright ownership, but I grant to Boston College the non-exclusive right to copy, distribute, and publicly display my dissertation/thesis in any form as may be necessary or convenient in the future as file formats, storage media, and distribution mechanisms evolve.
Subject Brazil
debt servicing problems
Genre Heading Electronic Thesis or Dissertation
Publisher Boston College
Link to Item 2345/1803
Thesis Advisor Bandera, Vladimir
Degree Name PhD
Degree Grantor Boston College. Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
Sys. No. 000005192
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