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Out of the Nuremberg Nightmare: the Geno   Out of the Nuremberg Nightmare: the Geno... - Document (53 K)
Author Rothschild, Amanda J.
Title Out of the Nuremberg Nightmare: the Genocide Convention's Failure and the Efficacy of the Responsibility to Protect
Date created 2011
Abstract This Scholar of the College senior honors thesis moves beyond moral pronouncements and the vague excuse of international "lack of will" for genocide intervention to introduce an inductive typology identifying practical, specific factors responsible for the world's repeated unwillingness to intervene during genocide under the obligations of the 1948 Genocide Convention. Drawing on original, classified documents contained in the UN Office at Geneva, the thesis proposes methods of mitigating the influence of these factors and evaluates the degree to which the Responsibility to Protect, a new humanitarian intervention norm, attenuates or exacerbates the causes of non-intervention. The project was awarded the John McCarthy S.J. Award for the most distinguished Scholar of the College senior thesis in the Social Sciences at Boston College.
Use Restrictions I certify that the electronic copy of my thesis that I am submitting is identical to the version approved by my advisor. I hereby allow Boston College to include and preserve my thesis in electronic form in the Boston College Institutional Repository, which shall include the right to publicly post my thesis on the World Wide Web. I will retain copyright ownership, but I grant to Boston College the non-exclusive right to copy, distribute, and publicly display my thesis in any form as may be necessary or convenient in the future as file formats, storage media, and distribution mechanisms evolve. I certify that I have the right to grant the permission in this agreement and that I have obtained all necessary permissions to include in my thesis any materials created or owned by third parties.
Subject Genocide Convention
Responsibility to Protect
Raphael Lemkin
Genre Heading Electronic Thesis or Dissertation
Publisher Boston College
Link to Item 2345/2230
Thesis Advisor Hafner, Donald
Crawford, Timothy
Degree Grantor Boston College. College of Arts and Sciences.
Sys. No. 000011927
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